The Concierge service helps the buyer choose the right product and acts as a personal sales consultant between the buyer and the seller.

SaaShop’s product experts, sales staff, and customer service representatives are trained as the seller’s product consultants. They have the ability to tell buyers about the product and to whom and for what purpose it is suitable.

When the buyer orders a seller’s SaaS product, the Concierge service ensures that delivery is successful. SaaShop forwards the information about the new order to the SaaS company and ensures that the end customer has received the SaaS service correctly.

The Concierge service is suitable for a SaaS company that does not want to build integration with the SaaShop API.

If a SaaS Company has joined the Marketplace through the SaaShop API, the Concierge service will improve the conversion of potential clients into buyers. SaaShop’s customer service representatives are better able to advise thanks to the SaaS product training they have received.


The Concierge service includes

The Concierge service includes

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