Getting Started

Selling your SaaS product on SaaShop is easy. Just create an Seller-account on the online marketplace. The simple onboarding process enables you to quickly create a company profile (example) and a listing for your SaaS products (example) with important information, such as license types, pricing and important terms.

SaaShop offers API so you can automate the entire online sales process. Once your product is listed, you can start promoting a link to your marketplace listing (example) anywhere you choose, for instance, on your website, on social media and in online ads or content.

List your product on SaaShop today and start marketing and selling your product to businesses worldwide.

SaaS products
Markets (US + EU)

Create product

Integrate to API

30 min

Ready for sales

Create product

Integrate to API

30 min

Ready for sales

Sign up

  • Sign up to marketplace as seller here

  • Active your account (activation email)
  • Login and setup optional account information here

Create products

  • Go to Console

  • On the upper left corner click “Seller”
  • Go to Catalog -> Products
  • Click Add Product

Nurture and convert leads automatically with API

  • Register API client

  • Integrate with the marketplace via API.

  • Test the integration
  • Setup monitoring

Start receiving orders

  • Get informed when a buyer is interested in your service (ecaluation, trial or purchase)
  • Notify buyers of changes in the service status
  • Retrieve orders
  • Provide license keys

Optional: Buy visibility for your products in our channels

Boost your company’s sales in the marketplace.

The Marketing Package is a promotion extension in the marketplace intended for SaaS companies looking for growth. In addition to better position in the marketplace, it includes other marketing measures to get the SaaS product into SaaShop’s marketing channels.

The Concierge Service is intended for SaaS companies that want to be visible in the marketplace, but whose product is not suitable for selling directly online. These include e.g. enterprise SaaS-type software and component based SaaS platforms that require extensive delivery and customization.

SaaShop customer service handles sales inquiries and receives orders on behalf of the SaaS company. They also do the forwarding of possible requests for offers to the SaaS company’s own sales.

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