Get even more leads and highlight your SaaS with Marketing Plans.

Joining the marketplace, promoting your product and basic visibility is free, and you only pay commission from real paying customers. However, if you want, you can buy additional marketing services called SaaShop Marketing Plans.

What are SaaShop Plans?

SaaShop Plans are additional marketing packages for SaaS-companies.

With SaaShop Plans you can improve your visibility and position on the marketplace and also get highlight your brand in SaaShop’s social media channels and in the marketing of various business partners.

With SaaShop Plans you get

  • Higher position in the marketplace.
  • Email marketing to buyers.
  • Highlight your brand and product in various channels.
  • Promotion campaigns by our marketing team.
  • The companies product is a generic platform and the company wants to test a variety of use cases or industry solutions
  • Dedicated sales manager.

SaaShop Marketing Plans (Optional).


SaaShop Start is a fully automated marketing service for SaaS companies.

Start Plan includes:

  • Higher position in marketplace categories, listings, and searches..
  • Extra promotions in the marketplace.
  • 4 email marketing stories. (*)
  • 4 articles to social media channels. (*).

79 €/mo
39 €/mo. (Year contract)


SaaShop Sales is an expanded marketing service for SaaS companies.

Start -plan plus:

  • Promotion page.
  • 4 additional email marketing items. (*)
  • 4 additional social media posts. (*)
  • Direct sales campaign possible..

249 €/mo
149 €/mo. (Year contract)


SaaShop Growth is a unique premium marketing service for SaaS companies.

Start -plan plus:

  • Dedicated sales manager for the product..
  • Included in the “bunch”.)
  • 1-year Sales campaign.

1.290 €/mo
990 €/mo. (Year contract)

(* = One per quarter. )

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